The Forum of Israeli Peace NGOs drives collaboration between Israel’s peace organizations with a clear goal of promoting a reality of peace for Palestinians and Israelis, finding a sustainable and just solution to the conflict that will peacefully end Israel’s military rule over the Palestinian people beyond Israel’s borders and ensure security, freedom, respect and good neighborly relations between the two peoples in the region between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea.

Only together can we bring peace

There are many wonderful organizations that work in numerous ways to promote Israeli-Palestinian peace. We see immense importance in the existence of these organizations and support their independent activities. However, we have no doubt that joint and focused action of these organizations is necessary if we want to produce a significant change of consciousness in the public and a meaningful policy change at the national level. That’s why we established a coalition of all the peace organizations that share our goal. The joint activity of this coalition is an addition and reinforcement of the independent activity of each organization, and not a substitute for it.

Our joint activities include:

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